Company's History

The following is a timeline of key VOS OILE & GAS BV Moments & Innovations up to the present day. The purpose of this timeline is to show how refining has evolved over time.

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For over 20 years, VOS OILE & GAS BV has been one of the world’s leading companies for crude oil and gas production, and their refinement into petroleum products and petrochemicals. Every day millions of people all over the world buy our products and use those products to improve the quality of their lives.

1991 - The creation of VOS OILE & GAS BV

1994 — organized share trading on secondary market commenced. Participation in the first international project in Netherlands. Inter-regional trade union organization created.

1995 — Switching over to common corporate shares and geographic presence expansion.

1998 — Acquiring first foreign downstream assets. VOS OILE & GAS BV Sports Club Created.

2000 - Fortune Global 500 rating of the world’s top companies assigned. New generation engine oils produced. U.S. retail market of petroleum products entered.

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